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The Seen Benefit of Open Source Documentation

Previously I posted about the fact that Microsoft has taken their documentation to the next level by moving them to GitHub – you can read about that over here – Prior to that post, I was in Redmond and got a chance to meet some of the members of the team behind, color me… Read More »

Just about out of 2015

2015 was an alright year for me.  Landed another MVP award and got a chance to visit Microsoft again and learn a huge amount of new things.  Its curious how the new things will play out for consumption when they do, until then… that’s enough. I have landed a new book project which is in… Read More »

Coming Soon

Unfortunately there were some issues with a previous webhost and data within my website there.  I am working to move my website to a new host and restore the prior posts and information that were in there… over here. I know there will be work to do to get things all cleaned up and moved… Read More »