Az-300 Passed

At the end of October, I sat and passed the Az-300 exam and have found that to be very good for my job. Yep, that was a long time ago and nope I am not done with the Az-301 yet. It is going to be in my development plan for early 2020 - get the 301 out of the way.

This post has been in draft mode on my computer since the day after the exam. Wow. Just sitting here a few lines beyond empty and I found it today. The reason for it is not to brag and push my accomplishments out on the Internet for others to see, but to get back out on the Internet.

There are days when I forget that I have a domain and website sitting on the Internet for any content that I choose for it.

My goal here is not even to be accountable for writing content, but really to get my hands back to keyboard and put things out there and start building again.

This afternoon, I started listening to a podcast called Focused by Mike Schmitz and David Sparks around personal productivity. It is different from things I have read or heard in the past and could maybe be a good listen for me. I am really interested in this and hoping to learn some good takeaways.

It is 2020, new year, new decade, and all kinds of opportunity to make new habits and learn tons of cool things or meet new people and start new conversations.

I am looking forward to it.

Written on February 2, 2020