Glad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror

2020 has been a crazy year for me - and for every other person on the planet. There is a pandemic still raging around the world and it is still going way too strong, except in New Zealand - way to go NZ. There are other countries that have moved forward in a great way, but New Zealand has made the news for being good at locking down and combating the pandemic. I am not an expert in pandemics or fighting them, but I do know that this pandemic sucks and I, like many who may read this post cannot wait to move past it.

I am excited about what normal will look like once we move beyond this situation. I have been fortunate for sure, I started a new job in 2020 and it allows me (or requires me) to work from home full time. That is new to me for sure - until the pandemic sent everyone at my previous company home to work - I had been one of those who went to the office everyday, unless the weather was nuts. Now the office is in my house and a zoom call and as much as I thought I would hate it when I first started working from home full time, the opposite has proven to be true. It is really great.

I cannot wait for the time to land when I can hang out with my friends and family. Cook outs and gatherings are something I enjoy and I am anxious to get back to these activities. Let’s get after this planet earth.


Written on January 2, 2021