I found me some Comics

Lately I have been poling around for something to do, other than just MOAR Cloud. Something that is not just learning more and doing more technology that still is a bit work-related.

How did I end up here?

When I was 11 or 12, a friend was really into comic books - I am thinking he still is, but I have not talked to him in some years. I was curious about books and just poking around - reading some things he had and getting a few books here and there. They were fun, but I didn’t really dive in and start buying comics and become “into it”. I had a few things, read them a time or two and that was that.

I have not really kept up with comics over the years, except for the idea that the Marvel Cinematic Universe began exploding all the things from the comics to the big screen. Upon starting to watch MCU movies without much backstory - just watching movies, most certainly out of order and happenstance.

Then we land in the Pandemic in 2020

This was the longest year ever. As an effort to find something to do, other than work, MCU movies were getting watched on all the streaming services - still out of order. Because the MCU was all over the place and there was tons of back story for the characters - where do you learn about the characters in the movies? Yep. From the comic books.

I am by no means a comic book genius - I am just getting started, but honestly, it has been wildly fun!

I have been reading a few things kind all over the place and listening to a Marvel podcast on Sirius XM - Marvel Declassified. This gave me some things to check out - and is really a detailed and interesting look at comics from the inside out.

Here are a few of the things I have been reading, from Marvel:

  • Ms. Marvel
  • The Hulk (starting from forever ago)
  • Fantastic 4

I am not very far in my journey here, but I have also been asking questions around the office about comics too. This brought me a few other things to checkout, outside of the Marvel collection.

  • The Sandman - started with this one to check out something outside of superheroes
  • Chew - this has been an interesting read for sure

Where on earth do I go from here?

No idea - I likely will not be building boxes and boxes of a collection that gets bundled up in the basement. I am looking forward to the journey of comic books - so far, over maybe a month or two, it has been really fun.

I am looking forward to my comic book journey as something outside of technology - I cannot wait to see where this rabbit hole goes.

Written on June 21, 2021