More Podcasts in 2021?

2021 is literally right around the next corner (less than 12 hours out as I type this) and I am listening to a few podcasts today - because it has been a while, and there are many sitting in the list of podcasts I have been interested in over the years.

The issue for me is the huge number of podcasts available and the number of hours in a day to listen to them. There is no way to get through them all, but following them (as Spotify calls it) lets me not miss out on what is coming out. Missing out is a good and bad way to put it - I see the episodes, if I choose to / have time to look at the list. Being subscribed does not mean I won’t miss out… I will miss out because of all the things pulling at my attention.

In 2021, and what is left of 2020 - I am going to chase more podcasts, maybe less tv and more listening, maybe more books - just something better than the mind numb of TV. Will I quit TV? Nope - but maybe consume less of it. Maybe some YouTube content where I can learn something… cooking, tech, who knows - maybe sports on live tv. Because of the pandemic, 2020 got a new national pastime it seems.. watching tv. There hasn’t been much else to do over the last many months - sure there is the Internet and reading etc, TV and the Internet are easy consumption making them simple for me to just consume.

Podcasts are similar, but the topics are broad and focused (different and the same). I might learn a skill or something interesting or find an interesting story to hear. For me, the beginning reason is - it is different from what was/has been in 2020 - and what the hell - a new leaf/new “normal” is coming and good right? So why not.

Written on December 31, 2020