Writing Again

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Since I have completed (mostly) the content in the CloudSkills Azure Master Class I am working on the completion of study for the Az-300 (and eventually the 301) and was offered an interesting opportunity. To work on the Exam Ref for the AZ-301 and contribute a chapter to the project.

Things I have learned

Writing for MS Press is a fair amount of work and effort THe writing is the easy part… then comes the edit The effort is worth it, but I will not get rich doing it

I did a Training Guide for Microsoft Press in 2013 covering Windows 8 and put in a good amount of effort to finish 8 chapters and found the experience to be both great and painful at the same time. Yes it will get my name out there and help me to help others in the Microsoft technical community which is awesome, but there is a lot of stuff that goes into these projects outside of words to page.

I am grateful for the opportunity for sure and excited to work on the project. Seems there will be a fair amount of words in my 2019 future, since it has been a bit since I have written much (blog included) this should be a fun year.

There has been some interest in topics going to Tech Target and some oher outlets online as well.

Here we go!

Written on May 19, 2019