Tried the ipad - just not for everything

Recently, to separate work from not work, I purchased a 2020 MacBook Air -> Intel flavor. I love using the iPad Pro, but for some things, think nerdy things like spreadsheets, powershell, and terraform, a laptop just gets the job done.

I wanted to tackle everything from the iPad, but just can’t yet. Excel is available on the iPad, but the experience is just not there, at least for me.

Why the Intel?

I wanted to get an M1 Macbook, but there are two problems - an issue with some Benq screens (I have two of these - so this was a deal-ish breaker) and the fact that the M1 only drives 1 screen.

Currently, I am siting in front of the tv, with no external screens, but if I decide to do something where a screen is ideal - I can plug into my screens and keep going.

The iPad is a great machine, but I am still tied to a laptop for somethings. Thems just the breaks kid.

Also - I am a technologist… computers are what I do - and having more of them is a good thing right?


Written on May 7, 2021