Well hello there. My name is Derek and I’ve been in the information technology industry for the past 20 or so years focused mainly on Windows Server environments. Most recently, I have found myself in the Architect portion of my career - and have taken a role as the Cloud Architect for an Insuretech. The cloud has been an amazing space and certainly an interesting path in my career. There have been books and much less frequently, blog posts about things I find interesting.

In addition, I have been blogging for publication off and on for much of that time. Because of the published works and community work done over my career, Microsoft awarded me the MVP award from 2008 - 2018. Lately, my day to day work and other projects have kept me quite busy and he content production has slowed. It is my hope that I can start blogging about cloud and distributed computing to help others in the community learn how to use these resources to make their businesses and careers better.

Because this site occasionally reviews products and may recieve free licensing or products for review, I have posted a content and advertising disclaimer

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