the iPad Pro for blogging, notes, writing, and maybe zoom calls

I’ve been socking away money for a new primary device for some time and decided to get an iPad Pro rather than a laptop or something this time around. Since I typically sit on the couch and surf the Internet from an iPad I figured it might be a good fit. I had found blogging on the iPad mini to be possible, but not ideal - the keyboard is always separate (or the case keyboards are top heavy).

The Pro with the magic keyboard works from my lap, sitting on the couch for sure. Using working copy to get the content to github and Ulysses as the editor for blogging is pretty much perfect, at least so far - note, I am 3 days in.

Will it just be for writing? Nope. Although facebook is huge on the iPad Pro. I will likely use it for a good amount of zoom calls for work. Is it a complete laptop replacement, probably not, but for a bit of writing and general surfing its a pretty solid device.

I am curious how heavy writing might go on this thing. No I am not going to try it with the current edits, but maybe next time around.

After I have used this setup for a longer period of time, maybe Ill post a review and really get to the details. This was a cheap excuse to put a post online from this setup.

Written on August 30, 2020