Azure and other learni... Squirrel

working in the cloud is certainly interesting and I am happy to get that opportunity. The biggest part of my day job is all the learning I need to do to keep up with the changes happening, both at my organization and in the cloud platforms we use. I admit, there are times when I’d rather sit and watch tv - more times than not I’m sure - just ask my wife, but many days I will be working on labs for the Azure Masters class I am taking from or reading the Azure or Google Cloud documentation to see what’s new or try learning just what might be coming next.

I am nowhere near as smart at the cloud as I would like to be, but an certainly learning more things every day. Kubernetes and containers are definitely on my list, but there are other things currently ahead of that. I guess my struggle, if you want to call it that, is wanting all the learning - all the time. I know this isnt possible because I need to get through what I am learning now and understand it as best I can (with notes) before I can give the next piece of learning its due.

This is very hard for me because I really do wish I could learn all the things all the time. I am working to focus on one set of skills at a time, and the master class has been helpful - finish this first, then study the notes and practice exams to help you understand Azure Architecture before diving into the next thing. Notes are helpful for me, but I do need to take more of them so I can look back on what I learn today in a few weeks and review - avoiding the feeling like I need to learn over again.

There has been progress for me, but it is ongoing. I am sure that there are things I can do to better understand why things like this cause me some anxiety, and putting it out there is a start, but I am going to take the approach for now, that I need to finish the current before chasing a squirrel or moving on to the next.

Ive got some Azure labs to finish…

Written on March 28, 2019