diving in to docker and kubernetes

As part of my downtime over the coming weeks I am planning to skill up at something. The list was long (and still is):

  • More Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • More DevOps concepts
  • Terraform
  • Terraform
  • Containers

The list above is not in any kind of order at this point - but the terraform learning was at the top for me - one of those “Started but never finished” kinds of things.

While going through some of the labs I found, there was one that used containerized applications in GCP… nice that three things on my list could be covered all at once for a bit.

So I found myself getting stuck with a few docker related messages and starting to chase them down… this ladies and gentlemen was all it took and down the rabbit hole I went.

I have watched an entire course on PluralSight and will watch another one tomorrow, but I think that is where I am starting. Sure… the next thing will be finishing with Terraform, as I am tolerable there currently.

If I am going to be home for a while, lets get some knowledge while finding the next thing.

Kubernetes - it's all the rage! Docker

Skilling up to keep going

The idea of skilling up is always floating around for me. Usually, as mentioned, choosing the thing is the hardest part. This time though, it seems pretty obvious that containers run the cloud and being good at them will take me places as technology changes again.

I would encourage everyone to keep learning, not just because you NEED a skill, but because it helps keep your mind in the best shape it can be.

Its also pretty fun to play around with new technology.

Seems like the new list might be ordered this way - for today at least:

  • Containers/K8s
  • Terraorm
  • Terraform
  • GCP
  • DevOps
  • Azure
  • whatever tech I see next…

Maybe I will blog about my progress - might help me be honest…

Written on July 23, 2020