Here goes nothing.

So here is the first blog post against a github repo.. Nothing terribly fancy, curious to see just how it goes.

The general blog I have been using lives on ghost, and I like the simplicity of the interface and things, but hate the cost. Yep they do all the maintenance and make things easy, but a pile of cash I can save for other things that might be more important. That and even if I pay for github down the road -> there is the savings. Decision TBD.

I started out in an Azure Architecture class a couple of weeks ago (runs till mid-May) and have been doing some side work online centered around cloud technology. As much work as it is to keep it all going, and as nice as the break has been over the last little while (since summer 2018), I miss it a bit.

Take on some extra, but not too much extra to get back into it and get moving again… who knows, maybe whatever the MVP thing is at Microsoft is something I could get into chuckle

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Written on March 16, 2019