My Cloud Journey And Learning

I have been working in the cloud for a little while now and am finding there is still a ton to learn. I am going to do my best to post my learning here.

This will likely not be new and bleeding edge technical stuff (at least at first). It is not intended to be much of anything other than a place to capture my notes (in a cleaned up fashion) and keep them in the event I need to reference them or share them with others.

Not the only way

I am not going to die on any hills, there are 100 different ways to do almost everything in the cloud and I will try to call this out as it comes up, but for the most part - the way I went about getting it done will be covered. Additions can always be made for alternate techniques. Please share experiences or methods if you feel doing so appropriate.

It occurs to me that keeping my blog for myself is a good way to cement things I might know (and unearth things I need to learn).

Written on May 12, 2022