My office is home - permanently.

The Home office takes shape

My home office has been, until recently, a room where I did some writing once in a while (depending on the projects in flight, this could be all the time or really a few times per month). Upon taking a job with Coterie I will be working from home 100% of the time. This provided me with a great opportunity to upgrade the technology in my space.

Note: I will likely update the desk and chair at some point, but honestly the tech is the most fun.

There are other posts out there that have tackled much cooler gear than I, but so far I am pretty pleased with the choices I have made.

  • A pair of Benq 32” 4k screens - even for VSCode and Azure work the real estate is where the work gets done
  • A Caldigit Mac Book pro dock - mainly so I could one cable the Mac and screens using Thunderbolt 3
  • An elgato Stream Deck - because who doesn’t want a button for stuff
  • The MacBook for the new gig has shipped and will someday land on my doorstep

This is the first time I have upgraded my screens in somewhere near 10 years… yikes and was definitely time. When I get everything in order and am happy with the cable management, I’ll update with a picture.

Now to get the last of the latest book edits done before the new gig starts.

Written on August 17, 2020