Still Cloudy

I have been all over the place, learning more Azure in the Azure Masters class and managed to sneak out to Google Cloud Next 2019. There are lots of new features/products/methods of use for both clouds and I am excited to gain an understanding of them.

  • we have been looking at how to leverage some of the Azure services - namely Azure Active Directory B2C
  • Also trying to ramp up on Google Cloud Anthos (and then learn how K8s works to leverage it)

In class, containers have been the hot thing for the last couple of weeks, but working through the demos has been almost mind blowing.

Back here on earth (or not in the cloud)

This was a super busy week, at work and at home. A friend of ours passed away after a lifelong fight with Cystic Fibrosis. She was an amazingly strong person and fought like hell - including being involved in the creation of the Breath of Life Foundation - I encourage you to take a look at the site and see what they are all about, helping families fighting CF with expenses and other things. Please consider a small donation if you can spare it - we all make the world a better place and should help each other as best we can.

Keeping myself focused

I am also working on some side projects that have come out of the Azure class I am enrolled in. The work has been slow because I am noticably busier than I have been previously, but the way to do some community stuff is to take the first step. I am doing some Azure content for the Nigel Frank Group to help build their library, I’ll have another post soon with a snippet to my first bit of content for them.

I feel like I am making crazy good progress in the cloud and my endeavors to learn, but the cloud (or clouds) move very fast. This makes learning interesting and keeping a working understanding of just the parts I use in labs or at work. Hoping to get started on some documentation and strategy for cloud soon - as interesting as it sounds, I’m sure it will be a much bigger cookie to swallow than first appeared.

With all of the cloud work and learning I am doing, I need to get back to content - good/bad/ugly just to keep my documentation thought process alive. Documentation is generally the thing that gets cut from scope but I am of the feeling that, like anything - if I do not use it… I will lose it. Maybe more frequent blogging will help.

Written on April 24, 2019