What’s Next

This week my position as a cloud engineer was eliminated. Not because there is no plan to go to the cloud, but because the outsourcing of this position to a consulting firm might be a cost savings for a bit.

Am I bitter and slightly pissed off or salty about the whole thing? Yep. Is it going to clear anytime soon? Nope. But I will find the next great thing and go after it. Will see what is next for me. I am looking forward to something very cloud focused.

I have had a great time in the 2.5 years I spent with this company. And there will be something better down the road for me I am sure. Right now, the search is on for the next chapter in my career. Ill be looking and doing my best to find what is the right fit for me as this train rolls forward.

Maybe there will be some content too.. since I can spend some time doing that in between job searching and all the other goings on. While I disagree with the decision to cut all of us and go consulting only because it is extremely short sighted and will likely end up different than it might seem today - I look forward to the next thing in my story.

Here goes nothin’

Written on July 8, 2020