Working From Home and online

Working from home has been an interesting change for me since all the stay at home things have gone into effect. Here we are 6 weeks in, and truthfully, I do not hate it. The original idea of work from home was something that didn’t appeal to me because I felt I was better off in the room. Now, the room is where I am… at home and dialed in to whatever is going on.

No fancy stuff

I do have to admit, I am still running the same old gear I have had forever, but working from home is making me think about time to update the things. I am busy saving my $$$ to get a new laptop and one of those wide screen monitors to hang on the wall. Who knows what will happen there, the work keeps going… all the time.

Working it for another book, and as much cloud as I can

I am working on updates to the AZ-303 exam ref that I hope to get off to the editorial staff for first pass. My day job just keeps going, and growing and getting more far reaching. I am sure that my day job will not slow down any time soon. For the most part I think that is amazing, and will keep me learning for a long time to come, but once in a while some slow boring stuff that isnt on fire would be nice.

What is coming?

I know that I need to blog, more for myself than anyone else. When I work on something in Azure, I need to document it. That way, it will not go into my brain to never return. That happens to me way more than I ever think about - have an idea, work on a piece of cloud tech, and hope to write down enough to keep things going - with the hope of creating documentation for the thing. The documentation is much like the place where things go to die. Documentation is on the bottom of the pile. It gets done some times, but not often and not to a professional level many times. I am hoping to work through some of that and the steps to accomplish these things - maybe that content will end up here. If it ends up here it can help me later when I forget about it, and jog my memory because the Google never forgets. That way, I can forget and not worry about it.

If you feel like reading along that is awesome, but I am going to take a page from Scott Hanselman and write for myself on my domain… if nothing else, it’s part of my external brain. The difference between this and a journal is that others might find a use for the junk that I write.

Do your part

If you are on the Internet and are doing things to help yourself get through things lately - put them online, they may be helpful to someone.

Written on April 23, 2020